denturesRemovable partial or complete dentures require the same amount of care given to real teeth to make sure they are protected from stains, look clean, and give you the best look. For people who have had their dentures made for the first time, cleaning practices may be unknown to them.

Like real teeth, you’ll need to brush dentures and care for them daily. However, there are a couple of cleaning practices that are exclusive to dentures. This post will help you understand how you should care for your dentures, so they remain good as new for a long time to come.

Handle the dentures very carefully

  • Dentures are supported by plastic and clasps on your gums. When you have to remove the dentures for cleaning, make sure you don’t end up bending the plastic or the clasps. This could end up rendering the dentures completely useless.

Rinse dentures after eating

  • Remove your dentures carefully and run water on them to remove any food debris that may have stuck after eating. It is a good idea to place a towel on the sink to make sure if the dentures accidentally fall, they do not break on contact.

Don’t forget to clean your mouth

  • When the dentures are out, make sure you also clean your mouth thoroughly using soft-bristled toothbrush. If you are using a denture adhesive, remove it from your gums, and clean them thoroughly as well.

Brush dentures twice a day

  • Just like real teeth, make sure you brush the dentures at least once a day. To brush dentures, remove them, soak and then brush them with a gentle-bristled toothbrush. Make sure not to use any solution that is abrasive.

Rinse thoroughly before putting them back on

  • Denture-soaking solution is harmful to your mouth, and can cause a number of side effects due to harmful chemicals. When you remove the dentures from the solution, make sure you rinse them properly so the solution does not end up in your mouth. Denture-solutions can immediately cause burns, pain, or vomiting if accidentally swallowed.

Soak throughout the night

  • Dentures will require staying moist in order to maintain their shape. To make sure they stay moist, put them in water or any denture-soaking solution. You must let them soak in for the entire night. If you are unsure, you can always ask your dentist to provide you with information on how to properly store dentures.

Visit the dentist regularly

Normally, a dentist will recommend how often you should visit for a dentures checkup. If you are not provided with a recommended checkup schedule, make sure your visits are regular. Cleaning and taking care of your dentures at home is enough to keep them functioning as intended, but sometimes professional cleaning by a dentist is necessary.

We will happily help you with your dentures if you would like new ones or for use to look at your existing dentures in our Everett or Seattle offices.

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