Dentists in your area strongly recommend these dental procedures for straight teeth and a better smile

Several procedures can help you have straight and beautiful teeth. However, these three procedures are highly recommended due to their amazing effectiveness, minimum discomfort, and affordability. Read more below about the three highly recommended dental procedures for teeth straightening, and discuss them in detail with your dentist.

Clear Aligners For Home

  • Clear Aligners are a piece of specialized orthodontic equipment that is transparent and usually made up of plastic. They work similar to braces and help align teeth to their correct positions. They are gaining popularity because of their minimalistic design, ease of use, and higher effectiveness rate. Clear Aligners For Home can be inserted and used by yourself without requiring the services of a dental clinic.

These types of aligners are, however, made by specialized orthodontists. They use a mold to take the shape of your jaw and teeth. They then use it to create a clear aligner. They will then hand it over to you and use and care instructions. Compared with braces and other types of aligners, you won’t be required to see a dentist until after a few months.

  • The effectiveness of aligners can be seriously hampered if they are not worn correctly. Similarly, they are supposed to be worn for at least 22 hours of the day. You are only allowed to remove them when you are chewing food or drinking a liquid.

Clear Aligners also require maintenance and care. They need to be brushed and flossed. They should be kept in a mouthwash solution when not in use to eliminate any bacteria present on them. Clear Aligners For Home can produce amazing results in just 6 weeks of regular usage. They are generally cheaper than other treatments, costing less than 2000$.

Lingual Braces

  • These types of braces are called lingual braces because they are installed on the lingual side (facing the tongue) of the teeth. They are similar to traditional braces, except that they are completely hidden. Lingual braces were first invented and used in 1976. Since then, they have undergone massive improvements.

They can be customized to fit a wide variety of jaw shapes. They are also protected from staining as they are placed behind the teeth. The chance of food particles getting stuck in them is also very low. Lingual braces are presented as an option for those who require traditional braces to straighten their teeth.

  • As these braces cost around 8000$ – 10000$, they are not a cheap treatment option. Due to these braces, many patients have reported irritation on their tongues and gums. Some have reported difficulty in cleaning them due to their position.

recommended dental proceduresDentists recommend scheduling a dental cleaning appointment to help protect your gums and teeth from disease-causing bacteria. A dental cleaning appointment will allow a dentist to clean your gums, teeth, and braces. This makes sure you are safe from plaque and decay of your teeth.


  • Dental Bonding is a part of adhesive dentistry, which requires adhesives and bonds to be applied to the enamel and dentin of the teeth. This method aims not only to straighten teeth but also helps fills gaps and repair cracks in teeth. This treatment method is comparatively cheaper than the rest and can be completed within one hour. If your dentist recommends this option, you only need a single appointment for this procedure.

Dental bonding costs only 200$ – 500$ per tooth and is preferred by patients who do not have a dental insurance plan. It is worth mentioning that dental bonding makes small cosmetic changes to your teeth. Thus, it cannot repair or fix major issues. The result of a dental bonding session is a beautiful smile while being light on your pocket.

  • If you are confused about selecting the right procedure for your tooth straightening treatment, then get in touch with Icon Dental Center today. We are one of Everett and Seattle’s best dental and orthodontic specialists. Call us today at (206)-225-2882 to get the best advice for your teeth.

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